Camera/Equipment/Studio rental

KRAFT Budapest is a full service production company specialized in delivering top quality branded content across all media platforms. KRAFT offer turn-key solutions. All services in one place, from one source! KRAFT offers camera, lamp, grip equipment and scenery construction services.

Virtual Production – LED wall


The special feature of our 160 sqm high-resolution LED wall (2.8 mm) is that it can be requested in full ceiling and floor construction. Separate motor truss system pre-installed for the lights! We offer the service in two approaches: as a background that evokes a smooth built set at a price per square meter, and as a complete XR studio with a camera tracking system on a project basis.

Our cooperating partner is QMB LED.



A good concept art helps to create the world that a film is going to build. It visualizes a mood, the basics of the world’s mechanics and the elements that are neccessary for the individuality of the scenery. Our artists are experienced in different types of digital painting and photography editing, setting their skills to use in character and environment concept, visual storytelling, lighting and composition, effect or keyframe concept art. For a realistic outcome, we are also prepared to do reference research from the early phases of pre-production, such as fashion and costume patterns, nuances in cultural representation and historical accuracy. 


Accurately visualizing the story from the begining of the production is indispensable for a safe and effective production. Our storyboard artists develop sequential visual representation of the script that serves as a blueprint, prior to the full production starting. We rely on solid traditional drawing skills to provide a strong sense of pacing, action, performance, and composition. Our loose, fluid art style lets us deliver and iterate quickly. 


Our asset department operates on the highest level of proficiency, producing any needed 3D models complete with textures, shading, rigging. We combine thorough research with years of experience and expertise, to process the raw reference-materials and sculpt them into perfect, optimized assets, providing flexibility in both visual modification and movement limitations. We are experts in creating characters, environments, props (ex. vehicles or robotics) and also visual effect assets, that can be layered or built into scenes.


Our animators will bring your vision into life – give it a soul, as some people say in the animation industry. From AAA game titles to smaller projects, in commercials and feature films, it’s equally important that the animation be lifelike and natural, but at the same time cinematic and visually exciting. We are prepared to handle and kind of animation, including keyframe, kinematics, characters or particles. We can also provide motion-capture touchup and fixing to existing animation, as the need arises. Our artists are experienced in creating personalised movements to characters, and organize the scenes according to mood and cinematic expression.

Visual Effects

Camera and object tracking. CGI element integrating and set extension. Heavy effects simulation, smoke and fire, water.

Render and Composit

We are focusing on the latest GPU based technology that help us to increase the efficiency and decrease render-times. Our pipeline based on Redshift render technology offers the highest available quality without any compromise. Our compositors are highly skilled in optimizing and layering the composition, and trained in cinematography and colour theory, so that they can shine light on the best features of a scene.


Sound FX/Editing

No visual media exists in silence, that’s why we are also specialised in sound FX and editing as well. Our sound studio is equipped to populate a scene with background chatter, or to emphasize the harmonious key notes of a soundtrack. Because of our previous projects, we on good terms with some of the best voice actors in Hungary, and we have also joined forces with amazing performers and interpreters/translators in the past. On top of that, our in house composer and sound designer colleagues can provide quick and high quality sound for all areas of the film and entertainment industry, handling the soundscape from music to noise effects or foley design.