Halo – TV Series 2

 – Trailer comming soon!! – 

Aliens threaten human existence in an epic 26th-century showdown.


Semmelweis – Feature Film

In 1847 a mysterious epidemic is raging in a maternity clinic in Vienna, while the doctor Ignác Semmelweis tries to defeat puerperal fever by going against all traditional theories.

Vfx Supervisor: Zoltan Benyo


Bones – AirplaneMode

Director – Darkwave
Producer – Andy Ruse
Cinematographer – Devin Whetstone
Lighting – Dimitri Christoforidis
Hair and Makeup – Tetiana Kazan
Colorist – Andrew Francis
VFX – IonArt Studio
Song Producer – MathBonus

Blockade – Feature Film

In 1990, six months after his election as Prime Minister, József Antall faces the most difficult test of his life: taxi drivers blockading the whole country as a protest against the drastic rise in petrol prices.

A játszma – Feature Film

During the Cold War, the secret service of Kádár began a more dangerous state security game than ever before.

The Black Spider – Feature Film

Die Schwarze Spinne

The courageous young midwife Christine makes a pact with the devil to save her village from the brutal terror of the German Knights. As the villiage is ravaged by a spider plague, Christine turns from the saviour to the hunted, and the violence escalates. Christine faces the decisive battle against the devilish power that wants to take away her highest good, she’s willing to die for: humanity.