Pocats – Animation Series

FORMAT: 13 ep x 7 min
STATUS:  in production
DIRECTOR: Csaba Bárdos

This cartoon series project is fully self developed by Ionart Studio.
The ‘poCats’ are tiny cats. Adults can only see them as toys, however,the children know that the cats are more than simple toys and are able to do magic. The main protagonists, Ciro, pepe and Lori are always naughty and can’t restrain themselves trying crazy things. This is the most crucial point of every story. The conflict and the trouble that the cats cause. Fortunately these are always solved at the end of the episode using magic, some tricks, and cooperation with the kids. The biggest surprise for the three buddies is when an annoying misterious, newcomer pocat appears on the scene.


DIRECTOR: Csaba Bárdos

Albert is a 6 min award winning short film by Ionart Studio made in 2012.
Our hero Albert has to wake up to the ringing of his wife’s cell phone. It takes him quiet an effort to get it from her reticule because it is full of other strange things. Finally he brings the mobile to his wife… who might not be who she seems.