We are IonArt Studios, a full-service VFX and Animation studio founded by an award-winning team of industry professionals in 2009.



Over the years, our teams have contributed toward the animation and visual effects for commercials featuring some of the most iconic international brands from Lexus to HBO, and on gaming cinematic for mega franchises like Warhammer and Call of Duty. Most recently, we worked on the sci-fi drama series, Halo from Paramount Plus and Semmelweis, a film from Academy Award Nominee, Lajos Koltai.

We are proud to offer innovative solutions for productions of every scale. We offer services ranging from concept development and design to the creation of full-CG assets and finishing. Whether it’s for film, television, advertising, gaming, or any other medium, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what is visually possible – delivering world-class VFX and Animation on time and on budget. Learn more about our services here.


Our headquarters is located at the renowned Kraft Studios in the beautiful city of Budapest – one of the filmmaking capitals of the world where cinematic blockbusters like Dune, Atomic Blonde, and Doctor Strange were filmed along with numerous streaming hits such as The Witcher and so much more!


Supporting the production of theatrical and episodic (commercials?) projects, the Hungarian Motion Picture Act and Corporate Tax Act offer rebates to support post-production and VFX services for projects that qualify.


Contact us to learn more about how our competitive global rates and tax rebates can work to bring your vision to life!


Europe (Budapest, HU)

Balazs Drenkovics | Owner &  VFX Supervisor

+36 30 911 1100



North America (Los Angeles, CA)

Mark Nazal | Business Development Executive & Consulting VFX Supervisor

O +1 (818) XXX-XXXX